We work together with award-winning chefs to offer our customers more.

As a company we are in close touch with nature and for this reason we take a dedicated holistic view.

Rabbit meat has an excellent nutritional balance and is a tasty option.

Our place of business in Pfäffikon/SZ

In the future rabbit meat will play an important role in Switzerland’s modern, healthy nutrition plan.

Our environment


Rabbits and other small animals – in comparison with large animals like cows – have a lower impact on the environment. Even taking into account the quantity of meat produced in context with the amount of feed required, small animals have a clear advantage.

Short transport routes

Primarily on the basis of animal welfare considerations we keep logistical movement to a minimum resulting in low environmental impact. The transport of raw materials for rabbit feed is also limited as the majority can be purchased domestically.

Modern stables and vehicles

New stables are built to incorporate the latest advances in energy efficiency. Vehicles are continuously exchanged and replaced by the latest energy-efficient and ecological models.