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Rabbit meat has an excellent nutritional balance and is a tasty option.

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In the future rabbit meat will play an important role in Switzerland’s modern, healthy nutrition plan.

Healthy rabbit meat

Rabbit meat is very popular and not only amongst gourmets. It is low in cholesterol, low in fat and provides our body with unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore rabbit meat is ideally suited for diets and food for sick people.
In medieval times rabbit meat was especially popular with French monks because it was classed as fish rather than meat and was therefore deemed suitable for consumption during periods of fasting.
If nutritional values of rabbit meat are compared with nutritional values of fish, only minor differences can be found so the classification of rabbit meat by the medieval monks is understandable.
Today, when more and more emphasis is placed on a healthy diet, rabbit meat can re-establish itself as diet food and a healthy meat option. Rabbit meat is very lean and puts other types of meat in the shade:

Comparing calorific value with fat content, rabbit meat has a very positive energy balance. See the chart below: