We work together with award-winning chefs to offer our customers more.

As a company we are in close touch with nature and for this reason we take a dedicated holistic view.

Rabbit meat has an excellent nutritional balance and is a tasty option.

Our place of business in Pfäffikon/SZ

In the future rabbit meat will play an important role in Switzerland’s modern, healthy nutrition plan.


Swiss Animal Protection

Animal welfare is especially close to our heart. We have been implementing Europe-wide one of the largest investments for an improved animal protection for the last 5 years. Since 2009 we fulfil the requirements of Swiss Animal Protection, which is the strictest legal standard worldwide. Spacious area, manipulable materials, pen structure, keeping of animals in families and groups or short transport routes are only few examples of the diverse animal husbandry systems.

Cooperations and customer requirements

We actively deal with animal protection and maintain good relations to Swiss Animal Protection League. Through cooperation with universities and other organisations we constantly try to bring in new ideas. We readily provide insight into our plant and we are ready at any time to determine and fulfill customer requirements.