We work together with award-winning chefs to offer our customers more.

As a company we are in close touch with nature and for this reason we take a dedicated holistic view.

Rabbit meat has an excellent nutritional balance and is a tasty option.

Our place of business in Pfäffikon/SZ

In the future rabbit meat will play an important role in Switzerland’s modern, healthy nutrition plan.

Our values


We are connected to nature and the changing of the seasons both as human beings and entrepreneurs. Therefore, as a company, we are committed to a holistic view. Our products, our rabbits are natural products. Nature gives us something, which we want to and have to handle responsibly. Therefore we place great importance on ecological considerations by all of our decisions. For example our rabbits are fed exclusively with untreated forage and hay from extensively farmed grasslands.


Delivering fresh, top quality products is important for us and for our customers. High standards of hygiene and highly coordinated logistics are necessary. Here we set the benchmark for the market.


From an ecological point of view, rabbit breeding is vastly superior to breeding of larger farm animals because the CO2 – emission per kilogram of meat is significantly lower. Other aspects of environmental protection play a big role in our decisions. In this way the site of our farm on the Hungarian ‘Puszta’ is ecologically optimal. We purchase the major part of our feed materials from the surrounding area, thereby reducing movement of goods to protect the environment.


Well-trained employees and modern infrastructure are building blocks of our success and allow us a high level of professionalism. Welfare oriented farming requires employees, who know the needs of the rabbits. Thanks to comprehensive know-how and many years of experience, our feed production and our products meet our quality requirements and the quality requirements of our customers. Product traceability is taken as read.


Great courage and self-confidence is required to seize new market opportunities. In our company we live in a culture of open communication where new ideas are encouraged. So we stay relevant and able to bring innovative products and farming practices to the market. Rabbit meat production is a niche business and scientific advances in rabbit breeding mostly result from our own research.


The well-being of our customers is of central importance to us so we offer top quality rabbit meat products for healthy and balanced nutrition. Our website contains a variety of contemporary, refined recipes to show you healthy and modern ways to enjoy rabbit meat.