We work together with award-winning chefs to offer our customers more.

As a company we are in close touch with nature and for this reason we take a dedicated holistic view.

Rabbit meat has an excellent nutritional balance and is a tasty option.

Our place of business in Pfäffikon/SZ

In the future rabbit meat will play an important role in Switzerland’s modern, healthy nutrition plan.

Our vision

The health of its people is the foundation of a sustainable society. Everyone has to take responsibility for their own healthy and balanced diet and they should be able to enjoy meat as a part of this. As a company we want to make our contribution.

  1. In the interests of animal welfare we will continue our pioneering work in keeping of rabbits.
  2. We will continue perfecting the quality and the processing of these delicacies.
  3. We will continue being a trendsetter in animal husbandry, processing and quality.

Our mission

We enable our customers to buy high-quality Hungarian rabbit meat at attractive prices. Animals are bred in animal welfare husbandry according to Swiss standards. We provide a balanced and healthy diet, which is affordable even whilst maintaining top quality animal welfare husbandry and product safety. We actively support our customers’ growing appreciation of healthy, low-fat rabbit meat by developing innovative recipes and products. The trend towards convenience foods will stabilize and represents an exciting challenge and chance for us and for our partners.